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Upledger Craniosacral Therapy for babies

No journey in life can be as challenging as the one that brought us into it. Most births happily have no complications, however in some cases problems can occur and babies have to be helped into the world quickly, by forceps delivery, Ventouse extraction or caesarean section, necessary procedures save their lives.

CaptureBut as even a natural birth can be traumatic for a baby this can be very stressful for them. Approximately 95% of all newborn babies retain some birth stress

As the baby travels down the birth canal, the bones of the head overlap to allow room for their passage through. their head is effectively used ad a battering ram to force its way out or used as a lever to be pulled out. So its not surprising problems can occur.

  • Upledger Craiosacral therapy is not a head massage
  • The treatment is very safe and gentle so your baby will not be harmed
  • Sometimes during a treatment babies may cry while tensions are released and I realise this can be distressing to parents and give reassurance that their baby is alright. Once the tensions are released their baby then usually relaxes deeply and falls peacefully asleep.

Symptoms of birth stress

the retained effects of pregnancy/labour cause most problems suffered by babies such as:

  • Excessive crying
  • constant screaming
  • Poor sleep
  • Difficult feeding
  • Constant suckling
  • unsettled
  • colic
  • Trapped wind
  • Acid reflux
  • asthma/Breathing problems
  • crying when laid on their back
  • unresponsive baby


What can cause these Symptoms

  • Shock or stress from the birth
  • Twisting/torticollis of the neck
  • Compression of the skull
  • Head, neck, or spine pain
  • The baby is still in survival mode, “fight or flight syndrome” increasing sympathetic tension
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (common in premature babies
  • Position of baby during pregnancy
  • Truma of delivery
  • Quickly/ long labour
  • Induction
  • Foetal distress
  • Caesarean section
  • Post natal procedure – operations, lumbar punctures, cannulae.

After giving birth and coping with a new baby I recommend mums to have a treatment themselves. it helps to realign the pelvis and lower back, helping to prevent back problems common after birth, this has also been proven to help prevent natal depression.

For more information and to book an appointment please telephone Catherine Leefe (nee Tilleard) on 01295 760780 or 07879887840 or email

Six reasons why people recommend taking a course of Craniosacral therapy during their Pregnancy.

  1. Ease the pain and discomfort of Pregnancy. Many times women complain of tightness and
    stomach problems or “feeling squashed by the baby”. As the body changes to accommodate the
    growing foetus inside the womb, it deals with new stresses and strains and as a result, general pain
    and discomfort can arise, Rather than take drugs, often pregnant mothers just live with the
    discomfort. The gentle techniques used in Craniosacrat therapy can help to reduce these stresses
    and pains and may help a pregnant mother enjoy her pregnancy in a more relaxed and happier

  2. Helps the body deal with the physical changes of a growing baby. As your new baby grows, as
    much as the skin and womb can expand outwards, there is still a lack of rooml The stomach, liver,
    kidneys, intestines and other organs fight for the restricted space in order to function as they usually
    do, however these restrictions can often impair their function. Regular Craniosacral treatment can
    help the organs adapt to their new reality, maintain good blood flow and release fascial tensions
    which may develop between them. This will leave a pregnant mother feeling more relaxed, less
    tightness, and the feeling of “more space” inside her abdomen.

  3. Treats back and other pains. Often women complain of back ache during the second half of
    their pregnancy as their baby gains weight. This extra pressure on the back muscles can lead to
    sciatic pain down the legs or severe lower back pain. Craniosacral therapy will help support the
    muscles’ability to function properly by reducing tensions in them and therefore increasing blood and
    oxygen supply to them. With improved muscle tone in the lower and upper half of the back, tensions
    to the nerves are reduced and back and sciatic pains may be relieved. Similarly, increased blood
    circulation in the hips and legs helps relieve pains felt in the legs and feet.

  4. Helps Prepare the mothers body for the process of birth. Either regular treatment of
    Craniosacral therapy during pregnancy or some intensive treatment during the last couple of months,
    can help prepare the mother’s body for the birth. By reducing tensions in the muscles of the pelvic
    floor, the uterus and the stomach, child birth becomes an easier, less physically stressful event for the
    mother and baby.

  5. improves blood flow in your body Treatment reduces the tensions in muscles – the diaphragm
    and pelvic floor particularly during pregnancy – which can often have been placing pressure on the
    major arteries or veins of the body, the aorta and the vena cava. These tensions or restrictions
    slightly constrict the arteries causing reduced blood flow in the torso or legs. When the diaphragm
    techniques are applied to these areas, muscle tone decreases and allows for improved blood flow
    around the body, especially to the digestive tract and the womb. So as well feeling more energised
    and relaxed from Craniosacral therapy, you will be benefiting your growing baby by allowing improved
    blood, nutrient and oxygen flow. A growing baby needs all the food helshe can get.

  6. Supports the immune system. During pregnancy the motheds body diverts all of its surplus
    energy and biological processes to protecting and providing the most optimal conditions for the
    growing baby” So much so that ofien the mother’s immune system (which protects us from and fights
    disease and illness) can become less effective. Craniosacraltherapy enhances and maintains a high
    level of energy and effectiveness for the body’s defensive systems. This helps the mother deal better
    with the winter time, when colds, fevers and other (seasonal) illnesses are more likely to affect her.