Injury Clinic & Studio 

Bell Plantation, Watling Street, Towcester, NN12 6GX  


Through knowledge and understanding of the mechanics and physiology of the body – Osteopathy is recognised as an effective and essential method for treating people suffering from musculoskeletal problems.
Osteopathic treatment helps bring the body back to a position of balance, aiding the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms. Osteopathy is mostly associated with the treatment of back pain, which often results from mechanical disturbances of the spine such as postural strains, joint disorders or spinal disc injuries. Osteopathy also helps with pain and stiffness in arthritis, and with any work related disorders of muscles, tendons and joints.
Many other less common conditions can be successfully alleviated with osteopathic treatment for example:
•Headaches and migraines
•Frozen Shoulder
•Repetitive strain injuries
•Pregnancy related pain