Injury Clinic & Studio 

Bell Plantation, Watling Street, Towcester, NN12 6GX  


Here at Workingbodies we have a highly experienced team that can help and guide you through your treatment; we endeavour to make sure you understand your injury or current problem and how best we can help with this.

Rehabilitation advice

Generally all musculoskeletal problems arise from either injury or over use and repetitive patterns of movement that we do daily, therefore to restore you back to the level of health you would like, this will involve some rehabilitation to maybe strengthen weak areas, gain greater ranges of movement or flexibility and often to counteract our repetitive daily stresses.
Your practitioner will guide you through what is required and could also refer you to another member of the team who may be better placed to help you.
Your individually tailored advice plan can be emailed or printed for you.
knee brace

Orthopaedic Supports

Often with injuries it is appropriate to give extra support to the body whilst it is getting stronger and better, out team can advise or what support or brace will be useful for your recovery.
We can order from a extensive catalogue from our preferred supplier and will also make sure that it is the correct choice and fit for you.